Saturday, March 26, 2011

in the beginning

Just watched Rob Bell,
It's about the 3rd time around I got to thinking about something not so ignorant,
not so main stream,
maybe it's just a normal point for everyone else,
maybe I'm the last to get this,

Think if every other religion, the greek, the egyptian, the tribal, all thought,
that Creation was born out of the conflict of the divine. Heard this,
that God spoke, and what came out of it was good.


We are not born of war, and strife, and pain. not of overtaking of winning and loosing. no, there is only one God, no one to fight with. Yet we are so full of our own brokenness that we can not see past it. That we invent a creation of the same chaos. Truly the best part of creation as the story of Gen. 1 is that there is a wholeness and a completeness "in the beginning." That in the beginning we have a wholeness.

Yes. Now it sucks. Now there's pain and suffering, now we are lost and born in cycles of chaos. Okay.

But now at least that's not the start. At least there's a hope. There is a dark and a light. A good to view our evil with.

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