Thursday, February 28, 2013

Thoughts and a Wedding

Weddings don't make sense.  They are the ultimate contradiction.  In the mist of this chaotically crumbling social structure is the insurgence of social-media community.  That the peak of the redefined family unit, from the 3 generation, to the atomic, to the collaborate family, we are in love with tradition?  Weddings are strange, they are the glorious celebration of human rite and passion.  Endlessly unique in the celebration of rules as ageless as can be. It is the masterful redefinition and emotion in Micheal Angelo; confined to the canvas and paint, but also expressed within the system.

Culture? Culture doesn't get it.  Pinterest rules with a mighty grip far, far a head of the curve in fad and fashion.  The wedding magazines don't hold a candle to the collective luminary of the internet. This is the peoples party.

And why get married? Why?  To the religious it is the destination, it is the opening of a new life.  It is the start and the finish.  It is the expression of a love once whispered.  To the Greek the inevitable?  The love that is worth the journey, not for sex or acceptance.  A wedding is merely a stop along on the road.

To both it was a part of growing up.  Of establishment.  Of joining the next phase of life in society.  A wedding is garbing hands with the adult community of the time.  Of becoming woven into the loom of history and time and raising up another generation.  It is the nod to the past and the gaze of the future, fleeting as flowers and timeless as diamonds.  It laughs at its own fads and equally at its traditions.  It is human, all too human.

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