Wednesday, November 23, 2011


I am the air in space,
no matter what you give I take.
I take and take,
across the abyss.
My soul consumes all every last wish.

I’m tired of my own two hands. 
Turning things to gold,
souls at that!
I am sick of being the one,
who breaks as ask for mercy upon,
a tattered remnant of what once I was.
Untouchable, or try and see. 
I am the shatterer who makes you give,
I am the taker for which you live,
I am the wretch which once was lost,
Now found, I simply wander on and off.
 I am a child with little hope,
I ask today and tomorrow for more. 
I am the greatest,
most insolent
I am loved and should never hope for a favor.
 I am a hole within the sea,
trying to drink all the grace around me.
            But even that I find,
                                                I’m failing, 


  1. I really really like it...almost as much as the whole moon one you did...and that one was realy good.

  2. "I blog. You should read it"

    "I read. You should blog it."

  3. Somebody needs to make an update.....:P