Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Something happened to Christianity.

It’s funny how this came about.  Driving around with my mom.  The term ‘Emergent’ happens.  I mean it happens because it seems to be a creature all its own, with thoughts and feelings and behavior all its own.  It’s an ambiguous term for preachers who wear cool clothes and write blogs, and, best of all, make a stir on these blogs.  They film their bible study devotionals with cool music and camera effects.  Don’t get me started on the cool thick rimmed glasses either!  BUT most of all emergent pastors write ‘scary’ books.

Something happen to Christianity when we became scared of a book, much less mad about it.  Why? Because half the time pastors are dragging their congregation by the ear to make them read something and suddenly they’re reading—the WRONG things!  After decades of watching the value of the written word drop, a book is written; and it scares us.

It’s the “watered down” gospel
It’s “catering to nonbelievers

How dare those tax collectors like Jesus?
I mean, they spend their whole lives following selfish pursuits
there’s no way they would like Jesus!
We don’t believe in any benefits to Christianity!

And then, what about the believers that read these books?  What happens when all that is read are a bunch of questions with a few “view points” thrown in?  What’s a 'view point' anyway?  What if the 'view point' that’s believed is wrong?

--Something wrong is here.  Whether it happened or it simply flares up when a Luther is about, something is really wrong.

We’ve become Believers, we stopped being Followers.

This is not the part in the blog,
Where I tell you to get off your butt and save people
This is not the point where I hand you a
Shane Claborn book and a
“be poor” mantra
We are so scared
of believing the wrong things.
We are no longer following this
Rediculously kind God
who popped up on earth and said

Follow me.

We just have to believe he said that.

But what if we’re wrong?

Augustine said, “Pray as though everything depended on God.
Work as thought everything depended on you.”

But we don’t think that way anymore. 

We are so scared.
So very scared.
And we should be.

Because we’re Believers, and what we believe depends on what we choose
and what we choose, chooses our salvation.

We have become Believers we sure as hell, yes, sure as Hell, better get it right.

But I don’t think Jesus wanted Believers.
He said, follow me.

You can follow someone and be wrong. 
You can also not follow someone and be right.
In fact, you can not follow someone and be wrong too!

They were all “Believers.”

But Peter was a really, really wrong follower. 
He didn’t even know what he believed sometimes,
which, as you know, is the 8th deadly sin of ‘emergentism.’

Followers are friends.

Believers are slaves. 
They are happy to know the facts about God and stick to them.

But I want to know His thoughts
                        I want to know truth.

So I’m going to follow.  Because Jesus, You have the words of eternal life’….” John 6:68

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