Monday, September 19, 2011

Girls and Boys are different... don't read this if it will make you grumpy.

I’m thinking…
            This is dangerously abnormal.

If the earth can’t stand up to a good man who goes to war,
What about when your fairly contented, semi-smart, girl gets to thinking?

I have thoughts about a problem. I like patterns.  I like patterns a lot. Philosophically I like to call them principles.  “Love your neighbor,” is a principle. It means talk to an old lady, buy some girl scout cookies, keep quiet after 10, call the cops when you hear domestic violence and infinite other actions that stem from that one belief.  I like that.  I like it because it’s a concrete without confining rules.  It’s an absolute that requires application.  It is ridged and versatile.

 But I have a problem.
            I see what I disagree with,
                        but I can’t see the principle,
                                    to the problem, or the solution.

Mawage. Mawage is wot bwings us togeder tooday. Mawage, that bwessed awangment, that dweam wifin a dweam...

It’s the big question.  Or rather, what you do after you agree to the “big question.” 

I have ideas.
            I have things I’ve been raised with
                        I have things I’ve been taught
                                    I have a bible
                                                And I have a slew of people I disagree with.

Problem? All I have is examples.  I have inductive research, I want the deductive stuff.  Say you don’t know very much math, but you happen to notice that you multiply the length of you field by its width and you know how many square feet of crops to put in it.  That’s fine, but its coincidence until you realize that L x W = Area. It’s not that you were wrong, it’s not that it didn’t exist, but it was coincidence until the formula.

I want the formula.
            This makes me grumpy.

Oh I see,
it’s ‘love’ it will “work out”… “it’s what works for you”… “it’s what you and your spouse decide…”
            Agh, no.

                                    No because, I’m not talking about that, this is bigger.

It’s bigger because there’s more than two people involved. 

What about kids?  Kids see their parents and then build their expectations on that view.  Kid’s set standards and place judgments based on their parents.  So you think you put up with our spouse’s crap, you’re not alone…

Pastors, pastors are an example to possibly hundreds of people.  They set a bar for more than their home.  Their lives are watched and judged.  It’s not even a bad thing, it just is.  People will not only look at their lives, they’re going to ask questions, receive marriage counseling, and enter into marriage! All alongside whom? Pastors.

Third, God.  It’s biblical people.  Christ is to Church, as Man is to Wife.  Sounds simple, it’s not.  It’s not simple to every black-eyed beaten housewife, every henpecked man, and every kid who has ever had to watch it go down.  Marriage?  There are way too many kinds of marriages to say that—come on Paul!

Marriage is a principle; I just can’t decide what it means.  There’s the historical, which sucks for women.  Then there are the present times, in which %50 don’t give a damn about marriage after the first few years.  In the past this would lead me to back up, go back to when marriage seemed to “work” and move forward from there.  But what am I looking at here?  Women couldn’t vote until the twenties.  In Jesus’s times women got stoned, a lot. 

Well then Adam and Eve perhaps?
            Um, the only real talk about their active marriage, (if you can call it that)
                        is fighting.
                                    Fighting and getting evicted. Joy.

Ok so what do we know? 
Do we actually know anything?
Sorry for being annoyingly postmodern….my bad…

Well here’s something I’m happy to assume is right.

Boys are different from girls
Girls are different from boys

Yep.  I believe that.
            Girls don’t grow beards.  Boys are allowed to have hairy legs.  That’s stereotyping but on average true.  For future record, we’re looking at the averages.  Ok? Got it?  Not universal truth, but what most is likely is true for the largest number of people in that category.  I’m just saying.

Boys and Girls are different.  God made them that way.  It’s a good thing.  Different body parts, different thought processes, what about different roles?

Here’s where we start stepping on nerves.  Since Boy and Girls are different it is IMPOSSIBLE to think that they would act the same way in everything.  In fact I would say it is more than likely that they would act very differently in a situation, job, or conversation.  That’s not to say inferior. 

Inferior, hmm
            Inferior = less than?  Could one gender be better at something than the other and still not be “inferior?”  Or is it okay?  Women make better researchers, using all those social-networking brain juices.  Men are better in maths, concrete, black white, stuff.  There are men in research and women in math, but that’s the average. While I’m too lazy to hunt down more sources it seems reasonable to think that at best men and women will complete tasks differently, which means, it’s not too far out there to believe one will do better the thing in question better than the other.

So we’re not all the same…
                        How equal is that?

I don’t know, how many ‘equal’ but ‘not the same’ things do you know?

The thing about different is I’m not sure about how comparable that is.  I mean it’s different, like, apples are to oranges?

Are you grumpy yet?

Okay let’s keep it biblical. 
That’s what your ma’ma says it fixes everything.

Gen. 2:But for Adam[f] no suitable helper was found. 21 So the LORD God caused the man to fall into a deep sleep; and while he was sleeping, he took one of the man’s ribs[g] and then closed up the place with flesh. 22 Then the LORD God made a woman from the rib[h] he had taken out of the man, and he brought her to the man.

This is the start of it all.  It’s also the mantra from the men of, “Make Me a Sandwich,” club.

Strong's Number H5828

“Helper” is a really ironic term here because its used in the bible mainly to describe God.  Yep, God.  The Lord. Like in Psalm 20:2

“Send thee help from the sanctuary, and strengthen thee out of Zion;

Gentlemen of the Baptisic Faith, I do believe you have almost expected God to go make you a sandwich.  Be proud.
…Okay I’m done.

Now that that’s out of the air let’s move on. Tune in next time to hear me say:

Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul Paul


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  2. This is the freaking third time I've written this....stupid computer.

    That post was amazing. You did a really good job of clearly outlining your thoughts and then smoothly transitions through your points. Two things that, self-admittedly, are usually weaknesses.

    I also really liked how you addressed a potentially extremely dark and rage inducing topic in a light-hearted upbeat matter. "Mawage." The switches across the pages with the font were virtually perfectly timed and greatly contributed to both my interest and the readability.

    I was not tempted in the least to become "grumpy" (although I really liked your title.)Largely due to how you approached the topic, and because I felt like God told me to leave this topic alone and let you figure it out. And you seem well on your way to accomplishing just that.

    There are a lot of things I hate about Redding:
    Mean locals
    no jobs
    ticked off cops
    No coffee shops
    Everything closes at 7pm.
    ------But must of all
    -----------No You

    Miss you a lot steph. Look forward to seeing you in due season. Hope you get to keep writing and that you enjoy the blue like jazz read.