Monday, June 13, 2011


This is a weird day.
It started like any other.
I biked a lot yesterday but for some reason that only feeds that freakish addiction to cross country, near death, ubber fun
It's a weird day because I have
no where to be
no one to see
nothing pressing.

It took me until 2 o'clock to do some laundry, and now the real madness begins. I spent the morning drawing Chinese dragons. Now I'm really going crazy. I can't sit still.

Today for some reason I am PAINFULLY aware that I have 3 suitcases-worth of stuff and would only ever check one bag. I miss home, but I don't want to leave here. It's weird to realize you don't want to 'lose the game', yet losing would actually get you something you want. I get a job here and I stay, I don't get a job and I get to see my family, my dog, and my beach!

But there's that problem of 3 suitecases...
So I'm going to drag all of my stuff into the living room.
I'm going to settle this match with the crap-monster once and for all! I'm going to Shane-Clayborn my belongings and Emergent my bedroom, all the while being hipsterly annoying to my still sleeping roommate, who, might I mention, is still asleep at 2:13 p.m.

Today I am pitifully aware that I watch too many movies, eat too much of my rationed food supply, and YET--I am also aware of about 5 things I might kill someone to get.

#1. guitar
#1.5 something to sing
#2 my bike
#3. my keys
#4. my wallet
#4.5 money in my wallet

Oh and here's a conundrum for you.
So I left my bike a M.'s house, and I need it to go get quarters.
I also need my wallet and keys to lock up my bike and pay for quarters,
but they're at K.'s house on the opposite of the street from M.'s.
BUT I don't have clothes to be out and about today because I need to do laundry. So, yeah. I'm stranded in my ugly t-shirt....

Its' rather odd.
I mean...I'm a loner...I should like this stuff
Today it took me 20 minutes to find 4 quarters. None of which were found together. It was a feet.

Yesterday I was praying. I had stuff to pray about, so I did. That was cool. I talked to God, then he talked back. I didn't feel alone.


I like that.

this is a really
really thoughtless blog.
no one should enjoy this.
but I have a feeling if I post now
it will make the next one easier
and if I don't get going on it now
I won't feel like restarting.

now on to being EMERGENT!

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