Monday, May 23, 2011


"OH LORD, my God, NOT in the Rain wil I forsake thee,
Not in building an ARK will I doubt.
BUT OH GOD, with what FAITH
Should I need for

Faith, it seems, it as picky and fickle as all get out! I'm quite at my wit's end! Perhaps it is only that it demands action, some "work" that can only be accompanied by an emotion. Emotion of course is a rise and fall, crap shoot, rollercoaster. But faith demands action, action like conviction though I would venture to say that conviction springs into being with some sort of driving emotion while faith has no such luxury.
It's not the waiting that I dislike,
but the fear that comes with it.
Not just the feeling of fear,
But the patience required until it's resolve
not so much the wait for resolve,
as the fear that there will be no resolve
I wait
I resolve until I see my resolve,
to live,
to truly live

1 comment:

  1. My faith comes easier when I put my faith in Someone, instead of having faith that something will happen. The Someone is always faithful. Keep counting blessings and you learn you can count on the Bless-er. Then I can go from the known (God is good and I am always loved) to the unknown with less fear. *:)